Digi-Matic 9500 | cod. 15020

Battery chargers with automatic starter of new conception, portable and wheel-carried; they are suitable for all kinds of lead storage Wet, Gel, Agm batteries and for hermetic batteries without maintenance at 12 or 24 V.
The quick starting is automatic, specially conceived for new cars and modern means of work.
The new range “DIGI-MATIC” is equipped with a microprocessor for charging voltage control and for overvoltage monitoring during the starting phase; this to safeguard the electronic exchanges of cars and means of transport.
They are provided with a digital ammeter for the control and the charging and starting current regulation. Single phase 230 Volt power supply.
Electronic and varistor protection against voltage peaks.
Electronic and fuse protection against short-circuits and polarity inversions.
Thermostatic protection against overloads. Characteristic “Wa” charge curve at decreasing current, according to DIN 41774 standard.
Manifactured in painted plate and plastic material in self-extinguishable policarbonate.
Two years guarantee on all products.


Data sheet

3-20 KW
Output voltage (Volt)
180A Eff - 120A Arith
Starting Current
1500/1000 A MAX cc/1 V (el)
Nominal capacity to refer to Ah min max
Current regulation
68 Kg