Evo 350 | cod. 014010

EVO 350 is a complete and professional Multifunctioncharging station that is ideal for charging and starting all 12and 24 Volt electrical systems in vehicles: cars, commercialvehicles, trucks, small, medium and large work vehicles.
It is a powerful, reliable device run by a microprocessor, and itwas designed to carry out automatic charge cycles specificallyfor standard Wet batteries and new Gel/Agm batteries withup to 10 charge and analysis phases. Thanks to the newECS (Electronic Control System) technology, the EVOseries combines excellent reliability during fast charging andmaintenance with higher power for carrying out start cycles incomplete safety, saving the control panels of modern vehicles.


Data sheet

1-5 KW
Output voltage (Volt)
1A-30A Arith 45A - Eff.
Starting Current
300 A MAX cc 200 A 1 V (el)
Types of batteries
PB Wet-Gel-Agm- Spiral-Tubolari- Mf-Vrla
15 Kg